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A Day in the life of a Homeschooling Family

Never in a million years did I think that I would be a homeschooling mom. Never, ever, ever! But now that I am deep in our third year (what?!) I couldn’t imagine it any other way. While some days I would just rather send them to school all day and let someone else teach them, I just couldn’t go through with it. We have discussed putting them in school before but I just can’t. Financially, it would be a huge burden and I would miss teaching them and being with them daily. And when I say teaching? I mean watching. Ha! I am not a teacher by any stretch of the imagination and the curriculum we use does it all- such a blessing! I just help when needed and change things around when they’re not working any longer. I always wondered what a homeschool day looked like since I attended public school my whole life. So here is a normal school day for us!

First, we wake up and get breakfast started. Then the kids start their Bible lesson. This lesson runs about forty minutes long and while they do this one I do dishes, laundry and straighten up. Lexi does school on a portable DVD player in Abram’s room. Abram does school on the big TV so I can watch him since he needs more help and supervision. Once bible is over I will usually sit down on the couch with Sutton and watch Abram do Skills Development, phonics and writing. Lexi is really independent when it comes to school. She stays in her room, does all of her lessons and work, and just works diligently. She makes it really easy on me! She will ask for help if needed and I check up on her but really she does most of it independently.

This is about when the kids are halfway through their school day so we will break for lunch. I cook us lunch while they play, we eat, they play some more or watch a little tv while Sutton naps (and sometimes me too). Then once we wake up it is back to the school grind.

Finishing up both kids in school takes about 2 hours. Then they are finished for the day! In total, Abram’s school day is around 3 hours and Lexi’s is around 4 hours. It is so nice to not have to do school all day but also have the assurance that they are learning so much! Right now we are taking a breather with Abram because he was struggling a little bit with some things. That’s the beauty of homeschool though- we can go according to their needs! He should be back to his normally scheduled routine next week.

I am sure you are wondering what Sutton does this whole time. She chills, cuddles, plays and watches with Abram. We work on little things with her- coloring, she wants to start flash cards, and just love on her. It is wonderful for her to watch her big siblings do school. She has really started to pick up some stuff too which will surely benefit her!

Homeschool definitely isn’t for everyone! It takes a lot of work, discipline (my biggest struggle), and just following the kid and their cues. But it has been so very worth it for us! I know we will have our days where we want to quit but I think we will continue to come back to it. We are very blessed to be able to school our kids in this way.

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