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Amazon Baby Registry Box

I don’t know about y’all but I just love trying new baby things- which isn’t a secret around here! So when I saw I could get the Amazon baby registry box I was on board! I ordered it last week and it arrived today. I watched a bunch of recent YouTube videos on unboxing and I was so excited for it to arrive. And yay- it finally did! So here is what was in it:

  • Avent Baby Bottle
  • Avent Breast pads for day and night
  • Dreft single use packet
  • Honest Co Size 1 diapers (2) and trial size wipes
  • Water wipes trial size
  • Pampers size 1 diaper, sensitive trial size wipes, coupons and cute little pouch
  • Amazing Baby Swaddle
  • Cetaphil baby trial size

To be completely honest with y’all I was pretty unimpressed. I was watching unboxing videos from January 2019 and I was expecting there to be more. The videos I watched had much more stuff and some really good coupons! I didn’t find this box had that much to offer. But I am all for trying out new products so I will definitely put it to use! Plus, you just can’t beat free stuff. I did order the Babylist box also so I will let y’all know what that one has as well. Things are starting to get real around here preparing for Beckham!

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