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Baby #4 Diaper Bag: Hospital Edition

I don’t know about y’all but I am one of those nosey people who loves to see what is in someone’s diaper bag. I guess I just don’t want to be missing out on some awesomeness that I never considered putting in there. I have no idea but I love it! So I figured I would share what is in our diaper bag for Beckham for the hospital. I am not going to lie that usually I am an obsessive over packer. It is a problem. But with this baby I am trying my hardest to be a minimalist. The only thing I haven’t packed yet is my camera (duh) and snacks for myself! I figured I better wait until it gets closer because let’s be honest- I would eat them before then.

My sweet friend Missy sent me a Jujube BFF Diaper Bag as a gift and I love it so much! It is a cute print, very durable and so many pockets. So. Many. Pockets. It also included a diaper changing mat so I didn’t purchase one separately. I was trying to save space and not buy excess so it worked out well. So what’s in the bag? Here we go!

Lou Lou and Company swaddle. I don’t care for those hospital blankets they swaddle the baby in so I like to bring my own. I prefer more of a burrito baby and they just don’t offer the stretch that I want. So I ordered a Lou Lou one and I am loving it! It is HUGE. Like crazy huge. Which is awesome. I am slightly nervous about my swaddling skills with such a large blanket but if all else fails it will just be his everyday blanket (alongside his personalized one).

Honest Company spray hand sanitizer. I usually use Bath and Body works because they smell amazing. But I was researching and they are so bad for you! So I decided to go with a more natural option. I am excited to try it!

Boob*ease nipple cream because no one has time for nipples being more sore than they need to be in those first couple weeks. I also have these Avent breast pads which I probably won’t need in the hospital at first but like I said, over packer! I also packed my Itzy Ritzy nursing cover/carseat cover too. I am really shy when it comes to nursing so I think it will come in handy if we have visitors and it’s time for Beckham to eat.

I packed these adorable little Honest company diapers just because. I plan on buying some Huggies with the newborn cutout because those are my favorite when their is still an umbilical cord stump! They just work so well. Usually what I do is use my Huggies and stash the Pampers for when the cord falls out. Basically just swapping them because I am picky like that. I love me some Huggies wipes. This bag is the perfect little refillable container so I knew I needed that one as well. I also grabbed Vaseline because little dude will be getting circumcised and you need to apply it at every diaper change. Another new product that I grabbed that is new to us is the Honest Co Diaper rash cream. I guess you could blame me downloading the Think Dirty app for these decisions. Ha!

Clothing. I love dressing a fresh little newborn once they are out in our big world. It is just so fun! Plus- no one has time for those little paper gowns. So what did I pack? Two sleepers (crab one was one that Abram wore when he was brand new so that was a given), monogramed onesie and pants, two hats and two pairs of mittens.

Burp cloths probably aren’t quite necessary but let’s be safe here. So I packed him two burp cloths. I also grabbed a bottle that was in one of the boxes we received just in case. Ryan and Rose pat pat’s were my first purchase. I remember my big kids using me as a pacifier all night long and that was so exhausting. So I want to be able to have that option for a pacifier if I want it. I really want to successfully nurse this baby for as long as I can so I don’t know if we will use it in the hospital. Time will tell!

I also have a personalized blanket heading to me. It just hasn’t arrived yet but when it does I will definitely be sharing pictures. It is just the cutest thing and the company I got it from is incredible!

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