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Baby #4 Wishlist

Y’all- this pregnancy is just flying by! I am twenty three and a half weeks pregnant now. I am just having a hard time wrapping my head around how soon we are going to have a new baby! It is mind blowing. I haven’t bought much for this baby. I am not sure if that is because fourth baby or because I feel like I have a handle on what we actually need (which isn’t much). Either way I am still a lover of all baby gear so you already know I have a wishlist! Today I wanted to share that wishlist with you. Some of these things I will be getting and some are more of a reach but you never know!

Diaper Bag

I don’t know about y’all but I am an obsessive over packer. To the point it could be considered a problem. As I have had more children I have gotten much better about it but I still need all the things for all the children. So a large diaper bag that can carry my necessities and camera is a MUST. I have had my eyes on Jujube B.F.F. bag for quite a while now. They have the cutest prints and they are big! It is also a bag that can convert between messenger and backpack which is really neat!


Have y’all heard of these? I don’t remember them being around when Sutton was small but they probably were and I just wasn’t aware. I have been following them for a while and heard so many people rave about them that I knew it was a MUST for this baby. My friends over at Dockatot sent me this Deluxe tot in Signature gray and this awesome little toy bar! Sutton has already tested it out and approves. I have a feeling she will be fighting her baby brother for it. I will be sharing our experience with the Dockatot in much deeper detail when Beckham is here and we have tried it out!

Ryan and Rose Pat Pat & Cutie Clip

Okay so this is the first thing I bought for this baby. Even before I knew he was a he! These pacifiers are like the hospital soothies except 10000% cuter and they’re a Christian mom owned company. I was sold immediately. I ordered when they had a good sale so I went with gender neutral. But I am eyeing up the Marble cutie clip, the black pat pat and white pat pat. The packing was the cutest when it arrived and it had a bible verse on it! I am serious when I say this is an amazing company and I am so excited to have some of these to use with Beckham.

Binxy Baby

This is another brand that is straight up GENIUS! Have y’all seen those shopping cart hammocks that hold the baby and the carseat? That’s what Binxy Baby is. Pure stinking genius! I wondered how I would handle allllll the children when I grocery shop and now I don’t have to! I can keep Sutton in the baby part of the buggy and put Beckham in the Binxy! That is sure to make shopping trips that much easier not having to wrangle a three year old through the grocery store screaming MINE. Thanks to my friends over at Binxy Baby for sending it to us!

Baby Shusher

Okay so this one is a new one for me. I heard some local moms talking about it and how awesome it is. We used a portable sound machine with Abram (even brought it to the hospital) and it was a game changer! With four kids? I think we have plenty of white noise but I figure it can’t hurt for when the baby is sleeping in the carseat or at night. I am really intrigued by this brand so I think this is the one I will end up with!

Owlet Cam

This one is very, very new. I don’t know if you can purchase it yet or if they are still taking pre-orders but I want one! We have the Owlet from Sutton. When she was born and at risk of apnea my sweet Milly blessed us with it so that we could sleep peacefully at night and not worry. (Well as much as you can with a newborn, anyway.) It was a wonderful thing and gave us a peace of mind that was worth every penny! We are going to be using it with this baby too but I saw that they now have a camera that connects with the base! So neat!

So these are the bigger things that I have my eye on. I will also do a post on what I need or am keeping an eye out for. These are just extras that I think are really neat. It’s incredible how quickly the world changes with baby gear and I am here for it!

What were your MUST have or wishlist items? Anything I am missing?

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