Bachelor Recap,  Colton's Season

Bachelor Fan Friday: Colton’s Season Episode 2

Monday night another episode of The Bachelor came on and I was sure to take notes for y’all on the things that stood out to me! Up first is a group date. The card read ‘You never forget your first date.’ And we’re off with the virginity jokes already. I am just going to bullet point my thoughts because there wasn’t anything major.

*Elyse makes a joke about how she dating a younger man now. I like that she acknowledged that she is the oldest in the house and she’s okay with it.

*Nicole made a comment about how she’s the whitest bread Colton has ever had. Ummm, okay.

*Onyeka went up and let everyone know that she saved Colton from ‘drowning in witches with a B’. To which Catherine said it was her who was drowning him. This whole act was so ridiculous between the both of them. I couldn’t help but shake my head.

*Tracey tells a story about being a virgin and I could only think- wow.

*Demi just walks right on down and kisses Colton in front of everyone. As you can imagine, this went over REAL well. I don’t like this girl. She has a really aggravating voice. And that laugh. She talks a lot about how she is only twenty three and how it is in her benefit but I disagree. I find she is very immature and I hope Colton sees that real fast.

*Elyse and Colton have a sweet moment and you can tell he seems interested. I like these two together.

*There is drama between Tracey and Demi and I am over it real quick. They keep talking each other down. You can clearly see they aren’t there for the right reasons.

*Hannah G and Colton just dive into their conversation like old friends. There is a comfort there and you can tell they are really clicking. She is going to be a front runner!

*Nicole telling Colton about her autistic brother was so sweet. You can see how much she loves him. It was also nice to see her open up to Colton.

*Elyse gets the group date rose. Immediately insecurities and doubts begin to creep in with the other women.

True Love is on the Horizon

The first one on one is with Hannah B who we will now refer to as Hannah Bama so we can keep them straight. It also happens to be her birthday and not just any one but her golden birthday. That would be real unfortunate to not get a rose on your birthday. Right away you can tell it is going to be awkward and boy is it.

In true Bachelor fashion they ride horses in the middle of nowhere to a hot tub just set up for them. Colton can tell that Hannah isn’t comfortable and he mentions that if she doesn’t open up then he won’t be able to give her a rose. It is really sweet to see Colton reassuring her and sharing his feelings to encourage her to open up. They toast and Colton says a little something then wants Hannah Bama to and she has the hardest time coming up with something. At dinner that night Hannah Bama finally opened up. It was nice to see that side of her and secured her rose. Good golden birthday, indeed. The night was topped off with fireworks. Literal fireworks because, Bachelor.

I camp fight this feeling anymore.

The next group date is a Summer Camp theme. It has a whole bunch of girls in it. Immediately they tell the women that there will be a competition. The kicker? Winning team gets to stay for sleepaway camp and losing team goes home. The women get their panties in a twist about the whole sleepaway camp thing. Really quickly we get into virgin talk and I just can’t help but roll my eyes. One team wins and the other loses and goes home.

*Heather and Colton have a chat and she tells him that she has never been kissed. At first I am rolling my eyes at this but she actually seems really sincere and genuine. Colton seems to appreciate her sharing that with him and respect her decision.

*Caelynn and Hannah Bama know each other previously for the Miss USA days. Apparently at one point there were friends but something went down and now they don’t like each other. The drama there is… interesting?

*Caelynn and Colton seem to click on a lot of different areas. I really think this one will be a front runner. I am beginning to really like her even more.

*Heather gets the group date rose.

Rose Ceremony

These rose ceremonies just get more and more dramatic. I am here for it. Oneyka- let’s talk about this one. At first I wasn’t sure about her. But now I am not caring for her. Everything that she does is obnoxious. It continues to get more and more obnoxious and I think that shows insecurity. Demi- I am overly ready for this one to go home. Her whole ‘come to my fantasy closet’ thing was highly inappropriate. At this point it’s hard to keep track of who goes home but I am happy that all the girls I am digging stayed!

What are your thoughts on this season? Who are your favorites Who are you not liking?

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