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Bachelor Season 23: Colton Underwood

If you are a Bachelor Nation fan then you know that Monday the newest season of the Bachelor premiered on ABC! This season’s bachelor is Colton Underwood. If you will remember, he was sent home by Becca and then he was on Bachelor in Paradise. I will not lie to y’all that I am not sure about him as The Bachelor. I am worried he may rank up there with me in reference to Nick Viall and Arie but not quite as bad as Juan Pablo. After watching his first episode I may have to change my mind and say he may be okay. But that is still yet to be determined. As the season goes on we shall definitely see.

If you know anything at all about Colton one of the things the franchise is really highlighting is that he is a virgin. Y’all- it was ridiculous how many times the word virgin was said or how many jokes there were regarding it. I was embarrassed for him and you could tell right away that he was so completely over it. So I am just going to highlight my thoughts or things that stuck out to me. I would love to hear if you agree!

I am all about Bachelor Monday’s and all that jazz but this live felt like forever. All the watch parties, random engagements, Krystal & Goose (seriously- why is he called goose and how did I miss that??)- it was just boring and awkward. I loved seeing all the Bachelor babies but I couldn’t help wonder where in the world the Lowe family was. They are probably my favorite and I don’t know how they weren’t involved. Bad call!


Usually this is where I fall in love with a girl or two and a couple just kind of run your nerves. This time was no different.

Cassie- She was the speech pathologist and I just thought she was so sweet. She seemed really genuine and down to earth. I was a fan! I think this one is a front runner and my favorite girl so far.

Hannah B- This girl was Miss Alabama 2018 and I think she was sweet enough but I am willing to bet this one is going to be super competitive and bring some drama to the house.

Heather- This one had never been kissed. I was majorly rolling my eyes here. She also met Colton previously at an event for like 5 seconds and had a framed picture of them together. That may or may not have totally freaked me out.

Nicole is a social media coordinator and that is something I can get behind. But what really warmed my heart was how sweet she was to her brother who had autism. You could tell she was really genuine and that family means a lot to her. She’s going to go far.

Kirpa is a dental hygienist and made some weird comment about flossing and cleaning Colton’s teeth. I am not sure about her but her family did pray before eating on national tv so I think that counts for something.

Demi. This one is going to be a wild one. She kind of reminds me of Raven except I really liked Raven and I am not so sure about this one. She also has a mom in prison for embezzlement that she mentioned super randomly. There was also a cupcake comment that had me shaking my head.

Limo Entrances

The entrances are seriously my favorite part of the night. Seeing how the ladies make themselves memorable. I am just going to outline my favorites.

Demi came out and said she hasn’t dated a virgin since she was twelve. I (along with most of America) cringed in our seats. I told y’all she was going to be a wild one.

Heather was sure to mention that she has never been kissed. And how rare it is that Colton is a virgin.

Nicole (and 49 other women) spoke in a different language.

Caelynn came out wearing her Miss North Carolina 2018 sash and on the opposite side it said Miss Underwood. Which I thought was both cheesy and cute. Colton seemed to really like it though.

Cassie came out with a box of fake butterflies because Colton gives her butterflies. I thought this was adorable! Colton must have agreed too because he picked one up and put it in his suit jacket. I told y’all I liked her!

Caitlin came out with a balloon that was supposed to look like a cherry and ‘popped Colton’s cherry’. Again, I cringed. I also wonder how much will power it took for Colton to not roll his eyes.

Katie did a card trick and took Colton’s ‘V’ card. Sigh. I hope these jokes end ASAP.

Alex came out dressed as a sloth and said Colton likes to take things slow. Brave, yes. She also acted like a sloth during the cocktail party which I can appreciate. However, I think that Colton looked really annoyed by the whole thing.

Bri. Oh, Bri. This one came out and had an Australian accent. She immediately fessed up to the camera that she isn’t really from Australia but wanted to make herself stand out. I thought that was ridiculous and I am not sure about this one.

Hannah G. came out with a box of Colton’s favorite underwear and the box was empty. I don’t know if I should be concerned or impressed.

Jane came out with a picture of Colton’s dogs. It took him a minute to recognize them. I am wondering how she got said picture.

Catherina brought her 10 year old daughter Lucy the dog to Colton to take care of while she was there. She quickly became a villain and I don’t like her already.

Cocktail Party

Demi stole him and the claws came out real quick.

Hannah G & Colton definitely clicked and you could tell they had chemistry pretty quickly.

Miss North Carolina (Caelynn) and Colton connected over age and being ready for marriage and family. You can tell he likes her and he gave her what we see as the first kiss.

Catherine is super catty and stole Colton multiple times from other girls. She is already putting a target on her own back. Not wise.

Cassie teaches him sign language and they hit it off pretty easily.

Hannah B asks a bunch of random questions and they create this cute little pinky promise shake. Colton is into it.

First Impression Rose

The first impression Rose goes to Hannah G. I approve of this message.

It is definitely going to be a season full of drama and I am ready for it! Who are your favorites?

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