Bachelor Recap,  Pilot Pete

Bachelor Talk: Pilot Pete Episode Five & Six

Well this post is super late but that’s because I’m soooooooo over this season. I had high hopes about it and I think Peter is a really good guy but he got a bad group of ladies. There is just so much drama that we haven’t even really seen relationships begin to blossom and that’s sad! I’m just going to bulletpoint things that stuck out to me and hope that this week is better.

  • I loved when one of the girls said ‘She made her bed and now she has to Alayah in it.’ (Referring to Alayah)
  • Sending Alayah was definitely the best thing Peter could do.
  • Kelley is super interesting to me. Peter is clearly smitten with her and it seems like she doesn’t return the feelings and could not care less.
  • The whole Kelsey sneaking away to talk to Peter thing wasn’t right, in my opinion. And the fact that he gave her a rose? Unacceptable. I would’ve been highly upset if I was one of the other girls.
  • Tammy, Tammy, Tammy. This setting doesn’t do anything good for her. This drama is just wild! She needs to go home.
  • Hannah Ann. I think she’s a little too immature and not ready for marriage. I don’t think it has anything to do with her age but her maturity level just isn’t there yet.
  • Mykenna is very dramatic and whiney. You can also see that she’s very immature.
  • I was pretty shocked to see Victoria P go home. But she lost him the minute she lied to him. And I think she showed her true colors with her attitude towards him.
  • The whole Victoria F thing is black and white to me. She clearly isn’t that into you and isn’t ready for marriage. So send her home and invest in the relationships that are there for the right reasons.
  • The two on one was cringeworthy! Send them both home!
  • I thought it was kinda funny that he sent Tammy home but kept Mykenna for the rose ceremony only to send her home also.
  • I was kinda shocked that he sent Sydney home. He seemed to have a good connection with her.

Well the good news I think we are finally rid of all the drama within the house. Hopefully this means that we’ll see the relationships come through!

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