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Bachelor Talk: Pilot Pete, Episode Four

It’s Bachelor talk time with my girl Meghan! Whew! I won’t lie to y’all- this season is tough to get through. There is SO MUCH DRAMA. Way too much drama. I am not a fan. The Bachelor franchise really brought their A game with this group of women. Let’s get this thing started though and talk about how they’re leaving the mansion. When Chris Harrison tells them they’re going to Cleveland you can see their disappointment immediately. They thought he was kidding. I don’t know why though- Ohio is for lovers, right?? Once they arrived they changed their minds pretty quickly. Apparently Cleveland is a pretty cute and romantic place.

First one on one date goes to Victoria F. The date card reads: ‘Today our love soars to new heights.’

She thinks it means sky diving and she’s really nervous about that. She pulls up to the small airport with Peter standing by a plane and freaks out. I cannot take this girl seriously. I can’t tell how much is real with her versus how much is show. They have a fun day at the amusement park and they really seem to be hitting it off. Then they’re going to their private concert and when she sees who is performing, you can see it all over her face that something was up. It comes out that she dated Chase Rice before she came on the show. So it was super awkward to watch her make out and dance with Peter. I thought it was interesting that Chase didn’t mention to Peter that they had a past but whatever works. She realizes she needs to own up to it and tell Peter that Chase is her ex. He actually handled it really well! Not that I was surprised too much but I think I would’ve been more upset. She gets the rose.

‘Let’s tackle love together.’

Next up is our group date with thirteen girls. They go and play a game of football to win Peter’s heart. Victoria P pops on the screen and says she’s hurt and can’t play. This means that she gets to watch on the sidelines and cozy up with Peter. The other ladies are NOT happy with this. These girls really brought their game because the winner got to go to a cocktail party. Womp womp- there was a tie so now they all get to go to the party. Which cuts down on their one on one time. Right off the bat, Victoria P steals Peter and it looked like steam came out some of the girls ears! They were very angry. Then it gets real crazy and Alayah walks back in to talk with Peter and ‘clear her name’.

At this point I am rolling my eyes. He told you goodbye, accept it and leave gracefully. But that’s not happening with this girl. Alayah goes on to tell Peter that Victoria P lied and they’re actually friends and traveled together and everything. Peter is confused and torn- clearly someone is lying to him but he really trusted Victoria P. He then goes to grab Victoria P and confront her WITH Alayah. Y’all- I was MIND BLOWN by Victoria. She says she didn’t lie and that what Alayah is saying is true but at the time she was just ‘speaking her truth in the moment’. Shut the front door. I can’t even imagine how Peter is feeling at this moment because I’m feeling bamboozled and I have zero connection to any of this. She’s showing red flags and has officially lost her #1 spot in my heart. After this chat, Peter asks Alayah to rejoin the house and proceeds to give her the group date rose. That was so, so wrong in my opinion. This won’t be the end of this discussion though.

Kelsey gets the one on one.

Bachelor is really good about this. Every season there is a girl who sneaks up outta nowhere and wins the heart of the Bachelor. I’m calling it now- Kelsey is the girl. She has replaced Victoria P in my heart! Peter tells her that he invited Alayah back into the house and her reaction was so mature. I was completely impressed. You could tell she is there for Peter and I really think that showed a lot to Peter about her character. They have a really nice and genuine date and I love her even more. She gets the rose.

Cut back to the mansion and the drama.

Victoria F is really upset because when Alayah came back to the mansion she told everyone Victoria had a past with Chase. Which wasn’t her story to tell, so I get it. But I also don’t think it was as big of a deal as she made it. All the girls are talking about Alayah and being back in the house and how they’re not okay with it and questioning Peter now.

Rose ceremony time!

All the ladies are gathered and dressed to the nines for the rose ceremony. The attitudes are HERE today. They start talking to Peter about what he’s done and how it’s not okay with them. He pulls Victoria P aside and she has a major attitude. I was shocked! This girl completely changed before our eyes. She talks with Peter a little bit but she mostly has an attitude. Peter talks with Alayah and a few other ladies. Then boom- to be continued. I feel like I missed more but I was so over the drama that I zoned out a little.

So tell me- are y’all liking this season or are you over it? I feel like I had higher expectations for Peter. But here we are! Hopefully it gets better.

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