Bachelor Recap,  Pilot Pete

Bachelor Talk: Pilot Pete Episode Seven

The time has finally come! We got through an episode with minimal drama and actually got to see the girls personality! Shut the front door! I am so excited and looking forward to the next couple weeks of Bachelor. I think Madison is the THE ONE.

First up is a one on one with Madison! I love this girl. She seems like she’s the most genuine, down to earth girl on Peter’s season. I think she’s been a front runner from the beginning and will continue to stay there. I love that he nicknamed her- I mean, how stinking sweet!

Second one on one is with Natasha. I think he likes her but it doesn’t seem that he’s super into her. He ends up sending her home after their date and dinner.

Y’all- I’m not sure how to take Kelsey. Sometimes she is very mature and genuine. And other times she’s a hot moss and acts crazy. I’m not sure which side of her is real. Peter must have the same thoughts because he’s going meet her family!

And lastly, the three on one. This is sure to be a show. Peter seems to like Hannah Ann. (Does he gave a Hannah thing??) She seems very immature to me. She’s not the worst one there but she’s no Madison either. I don’t like Kelley’s attitude going in which saddens me because I was really rooting for her. Last week we saw a glimpse of her and her lack of caring about her & Peter’s relationship. And unfortunately this week she brought along the same attitude. It ended up costing her in the end though because she got sent home.

I wish the Bachelor/Bachelorette were allowed to watch the season as they go. I feel like it would give them more insight into the people they are dating. Peter- if Victoria is acting this immature and whiney while you’re dating, how do you think she’s going to act in the real world?? I don’t get what he sees in her and I was actually quite shocked he kept her! Ryan says it’s because he has a genuine crush on her. I don’t know what it is but I really hope this girl doesn’t become the next Bachelorette. That would be awful!

Hometowns and next and I’m ready to see the families! Their reactions are always the best!

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