Bachelor Recap,  Pilot Pete

Bachelor Talk: Pilot Pete Episode Three

This is going to be a really short recap. This episode was yet again nothing but drama. Usually I am here for the drama but at this point it’s so ridiculous it’s a snooze fest!

I love Victoria P. She is so sweet and genuine and she’s a Louisiana girl. I truly think she will be too three! I love that she opened up to Peter about her last. My heart just broke hearing her story. She’s going to be an incredible wife & mother one day.

Demi! When she was one of the girls, I wasn’t a fan. Then after watching Bachelor in Paradise I liked her a little more. But the more I see her and her personality the more I like her! I knew she would have a fun date planned.

You could still see Peter and Kelley’s connection right before she had her turn during the pillow fight. I think he really likes her!

I thought it was really great how Peter handles the drama and situation at hand. You can tell he is very invested but also not dealing with the drama. You can tell by his choice that he’s there for the right reasons! I think he’s going to be a great bachelor. Sean Lowe level great!

And here is my take on the graphic! Who’s your top three?

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