Bachelor Recap,  Pilot Pete

Bachelor Talk: Pilot Pete Episode Two

My friend Meghan and I are recapping Bachelor Monday together! You can check out last week’s recap Here and Here. We also created this fun graphic so if you want to participate, please do! I’ll add the blank one at the end but here’s mine for this week.

So let’s get started! Right out the gates we are back with the Hannah B drama. It’s so last season and honestly I’m so over it! It seems like Peter is really considering letting her join the girls. And then some wisdom hits him! He realized that he can’t do this. Finally!! Then he goes and confronts the girls and fills them in on what’s happening. Rightfully so, they’re mad. He tries to reassure them that it’s over while acknowledging their feelings. I was pretty proud of a couple of the girls for sticking up for themselves and letting Peter know that it wasn’t okay. I *think* we may finally be past the Hannah B nonsense.

At the rose ceremony it was very obvious that Madison is for sure a front runner- definitely a top three! It was sweet of him to print the picture of them with their family for her. I think that speaks multitudes!

Who knew champagne would be such a huge scene for drama. Immediately, I am shaking my head at the nonsense. I cannot even. This whole episode was quite honestly a little ridiculous. I mean, I’m here for it, but we literally got nowhere! I also decided that I don’t like Kelsey and I’m ready for her to go home.

The group date this week was the fashion show with Revolve. I’m not a super girly girl so maybe that’s why but I’ve never even heard of Revolve! The ladies seemed to know who/what it was though. I’m just going to bullet point my thoughts because there weren’t too many and they weren’t complete.

  • Hannah Ann in the dress was a little too cheesy for me. And it reminded me of a Lindsey from Sean Lowe’s season. Been there, done that.
  • Victoria F- I’m not sure how to take this girl. At first, she’s not even trying. Then she BRINGS IT and has so much confidence that you question if she really was uncomfortable. And then when she looses she is a sore loser. So I’m not sure about her.
  • Back to the champagne thing? Really??
  • I’m not sure how I feel about Hannah Ann. When she threw Kelsey in front of the bus I feel like she put herself in a really bad spot. She wasn’t wrong for feeling bullied but I’m not sure I would’ve brought it up with Peter.
  • Then Kelsey thinking that she was justified and not bullying? That had me really rolling my eyes.

Surprise! To be continued… Come on, Bachelor! Stop leaving me hanging like this. I’m going to share the graphic for y’all to play along. Tag us on IG if you do!