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Bachelor Talk Pilot Pete: Finale Night One

I have to be honest with y’all that I didn’t watch the Women Tell All. That one is always a snooze fest for me so I skipped it. Apparently I didn’t miss much with the exception of Victoria going home and Madison accepting the rose. I thought she left for good but I guess it was just that evening. Let’s now waste any time and go ahead and get started!

We open up with Peter talking with his family about both of the girls. It’s evident pretty much immediately that they’ve formed an opinion already and are questioning Madison and her intentions. Which is absolutely absurd to me that they’re judging her for remaining true to herself. I’m not sure about this mom. I think it’s also pretty clear that Madison is his first choice.

First up to meet the family is Hannah Ann. I don’t dislike Hannah, I just don’t think we’re seeing all of her. I think she’s still a little immature and not completely ready for marriage. But hey- who ever really is?? She had a really good visit and Peter’s family really seemed to like her.

Next up is Madison. I’m really glad that they sat down and had that talk. It was absolutely necessary for them to move forward. However, I was very disappointed in Peter and his reaction. He acted like Madison was just throwing a fit about not getting her way. It’s not like she was upset over him dating other people. She’s upset over big and real life things that will affect their relationship! It was frustrating listen to her have to work so hard and for so long to explain to herself. And when she talked about all the ‘things’ between them I wanted to scream to her- RED FLAGS. Those are called red flags.

As soon as they’re done talking they walk in and apologize for taking so long. You can tell that Barbara isn’t very happy about meeting Madison. I don’t know what her beef is with this poor girl but it’s making me angry. When they sit down and chat I just wanted to cheer for Madison. And her parents because they did an incredible job raising her. I just adore Madison. I’m not saying I disagree with Barb about there being life differences between Madison and Peter but that’s their thing to figure out. At the end of the day, it’s up to them, not her.

When Peter sits down with his brother and they’re talking about if Peter would be okay with waiting until marriage for intimacy, I can’t help but question Peter. He says he’s fine with it but you can see it written all over his face that he’s not sure. I think he may be lying to himself here. Once Madison leaves and Peter sits back down with his family, that’s when the real Barbara comes out. I was baffled y’all- when Barbara said Madison wasn’t there for the right reasons. Ummm, come again?? And then to say she prayed about it and she’s not the girl. Wow. This lady is beyond manipulative. I was proud of Peter for sticking up for her and himself. But it also broke my heart to see him getting so visibly upset by his mother being like that.

Madison went on the last first date and about halfway through you could see the change in her demeanor. I think Barbara got to her. She ends up saying she thinks they’re too different and there’s too much between them and decides to leave.

Hannah Ann is next up for her date. It was pretty boring and typical. You could tell Peter was there but really in his head. I could also feel that Madison was for sure his first pick. When they have their little dinner that evening, Hannah is pouring her heart out and Peter isn’t saying much. I think he was really checked out and just KNEW it wasn’t Hannah. I think he likes her but I think he likes Madison more. It was pretty heartbreaking to see Hannah just so in love and Peter clearly not. I definitely felt bad for Hannah. And I wondered how she would feel to know she was second choice.

Night two is sure to be interesting. I can’t wait to see what happens!

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