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Bachelor Talk: Pilot Pete Hometowns

Hometowns are finally here! There is a light at the end of this tunnel. Ryan and I were discussing the whole idea of hometowns and how crazy it is. As a mom, I would be pretty concerned if my daughter went on a dating show with 20+ other women fighting for one guy, travels and dates for six weeks, and then brings him home to ask for permission to marry while he’s dating three other women. Who thought of this nonsense?? I don’t even know! I mean, it’s good tv but my kids aren’t allowed to go on the show. Anyhow, stepping off my soap box now.

Hannah Ann is up first in Knoxville! She talks about how her dad is a forester who is referred to as Ranger Rick and I like this dude immediately. She takes Peter axe throwing to ‘make a man out of him’. It looks like a pretty fun date! I find it super awkward that everyone is just watching them but I guess they’re used to this by now. Then Hannah takes Peter to meet the family and immediately Ranger Rick is completely unimpressed. Peter tells him that he’s in love with Hannah and Ranger Rick is speechless. He then goes on to ask Peter not to yell Hannah he loves her unless he is absolutely certain and (in a few words) wants long term with her. Don’t worry- Peter completely disregards this advice and tells her in the next screen time. I kind of took my eyes at this point because I find that kind of disrespectful to her dad.

Next up is Kelsey in Iowa! They go to a winery and smash grapes with their feet to make a special wine just for them. I know this is supposed to be so romantic but I can’t get past not grossing out long enough to think it’s romantic. Peter then goes on to compare his relationship with Kelsey to wine. Um, okay then. Once they go to meet the family it’s pretty clear that Kelsey doesn’t fall in love or give her heart away easily. Everyone was pretty shocked that she said she was in love with him. Kelsey’s step dad (I think that’s who he was) reminds me of a therapist. At one point Kelsey said something along the lines of having to put yourself out there and picking up the pieces of it doesn’t work out. And this is the moment I got concerned for Kelsey’s future moving forward with Peter.

Auburn with Madison and this has to be one of my favorite hometowns in the history of my Bachelor watching years. I just love Madison. I think she’s genuine, down to earth and I love that she’s honest about her faith. Their basketball date was cute and funny. I loved seeing the Auburn coach rally around her and want Peter not to break her heart. You could tell she really respected and loved him also by how emotional she was. I love that the family shared their mealtime tradition with them and then proceeded to pray over their meal. Can he just propose now? Madison is the one and if he doesn’t pick her I’m going to be so mad! Also, Madison’s talk with her mom is mother daughter goals.

Lastly, Victoria takes Peter to Virginia Beach. Right off the bat, I’m over this. Hometowns are supposed to be low key and things you do in real life situations, not bachelor dates. Hunter Hayes small concert is not a normal daily life thing. Ryan immediately asked if she dated him too. Haha! After the date someone from Peter’s past approaches Peter and warns him of Victoria. I can’t say I’m surprised though. There are so many red flags at this point that I truly have no idea what he’s thinking. Of course he decides to confront her about it and it goes downhill real fast. I don’t know why he’s fighting so hard for this relationship. If this is what you’re struggling through in what should be the honeymoon phase then what do you think is going to happen when real life happens? I just don’t understand. It makes zero sense to me. He ends up not meeting her family and then she shows up the hotel the next day. I’m real confused here and need someone to grab the Bachelor Handbook because can she technically continue if she didn’t meet her family? It doesn’t sound fair to me!

Rose ceremony. First rose goes to Hannah Ann and then the second to Madison. Peter, thinking like a man, gives this third and final rose to Victoria. All of bachelor nation sighs and we wait until next week and hope he wakes up before he makes a wrong decision affecting his whole life.

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