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Bachelor Talk: Pilot Pete

I don’t know about y’all but one of my favorite tv shows is BACK! Unless you’re living under a rock then you know that Bachelor premiered Monday night. I find it goes one of two ways with people- they either love it or hate it. I love it! Yes, it’s cheesy and staged and so.much.drama. But y’all- it’s quite entertaining. My friend Meghan and I have decided to do a little recap on the blog and we have a created a graphic for the good ole ‘gram! Would love to know your thoughts or for you to participate. If you do, let us know!

Alright, so now for the dish. Straight away I am already O-V-E-R the windmill jokes. This is no surprise because Bachelor is pretty known for really drilling in these types of things. Overall, I really like Pilot Pete! He seems really genuine, has a really sweet family and I’m excited to see how this season turns out for him. I do think these girls are going to be bringing the crazy.

From first intros, I already have a top three but we’ll discuss that later! I want to highlight a few girls from intro/limo exits.

  • Hannah Ann. This one seems a little bit like a wild card. Sweet but I think she may be a little bit out there. She made a comment about there being enough room for two Hannah’s in his life. I think she’s going to bring some drama with her! Pete seems to like her though as she landed the first impression rose and was the first one to kiss him.
  • Kelley. First impression of her wasn’t good. Her and Peter randomly met a month ago and apparently really hit it off. I thought she may be exaggerating but he remembered her as soon as she got out the limo and seemed genuinely happy to see her. They definitely have a connection and I think she’s a front runner- top three for sure!
  • Victoria P. Louisiana girl! I don’t think this makes me biased but I love her even more now. She has a little bit of a rough upbringing but she seems very sweet, caring and genuine. He liked her and she is my #1!
  • Madison. Another front runner here. He chose her for the one on one which was a family gathering. I think that speaks volumes to how much he likes her. Their date was real and genuine and you could see the connection.

Limo Exits

Yikes. These girls brought some interesting exits. From dirty jokes (looking at you, dry humor girl) to anything and everything related to planes. Paper planes, toy planes, plastic planes and plane jokes/puns galore! Between plane and windmill jokes there were plenty of cringe worthy moments. Some intros that really stuck out to me:

  • When Hannah Brown hopped out the limo I rolled my eyes. Go. Home. Hannah. You had your shot! Now you’re just messing with dude’s head and that isn’t cool!
    Jenna with the emotional support cow was so funny!
    I thought Kelley saying he looked familiar (once he clearly recognized her) was really cute!

This season is definitely going to be very ummmm… affectionate.

Group Date

First up is the group date! The ladies were sent to flight school to be Pete’s co-Pilot. It was pretty cute! It really stuck out to me when Victoria P. faced her fears of being motion sick. I think her and Pete have a good little connection. Kelley won and got to be his copilot for the evening and make some memories. Some of the girls were very unhappy about losing and not getting that special time with Peter. They also weren’t pleased that Pete and Kelley had met before and already had a connection that they’re now building on. Kelley goes home with the group date rose.

One on one

Madison is chosen for the one on one! Pretty quickly it’s obvious that they’re headed to where Pete grew up and his family and/or friends may be involved. He took her as his date to his parents vow renewal! I think that is huge and speaks volumes to how much he likes her. The date was so, so sweet and she is already way ahead of everyone else. They seemed to really mesh well and his family showed up again later that evening. For sure front runner here! The struggle is going to be keeping that momentum since she already had her one on one and likely won’t have another for quite a while.

Group Date #2

This was a group date that he had someone very special plan- ahem, Hannah Brown. I know a lot of people liked her but I was not a fan. At all. Hannah comes on and tells the windmill story again and all I can think about is how embarrassing it is for their families! I cannot imagine my kid sharing such intimate details on national television. Yikes! Then they split up to write their stories because they will be sharing a sexual encounter story in front of an audience.

At this point it cuts over to Hannah crying and Pete talking to her and trying to console her. Things escalate quickly and he basically invites her to maybe stay. She’s not sure. Lots of tears and questions and then BAM. For sure bachelor move.. TO BE CONTINUED.

So that’s fun! If this first episode was a sneak into what we have to look forward to this season then I am HERE FOR IT. So tell me- who’s your favorite and top three? I’ll share my graphic with y’all!