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Beckham Ryan Vincent

Beckham Ryan has officially joined the Vincent family! If you don’t follow my social media channels then this is news to you! He is two weeks new now and we are just absolutely smitten with him. This ended up being significantly longer than I expected so we are going to do a part two with the actual birth story.

Okay, so a little bit of backstory is necessary so you are officially caught up. At exactly 33 weeks we had a pre-term labor scare. I was having contractions and they were progressing me. Thank God they were able to stop them and monitored me overnight. I got the steroid shot for his lungs in case he decided to come early and then we were sent home. I saw my OB a couple days later and nothing had changed any more but I was still having contractions. Well, technically Braxton hicks because they weren’t doing anything. He put me on a calcium blocker and let me know that it may or may not help but that’s pretty much all we could do at this point. Induction and Pitocin couldn’t be talked about until 39 weeks. Fast forward to 36 weeks and I was still having pretty consistent contractions every single night. They were getting worse and I would have up to 22 in an hour that were doing NOTHING (other than driving me crazyyyyyyy). Talk about frustrating.

The weekend that I turned 36 weeks was a busy one for us.

Ryan had charters scheduled and I had Bloom the expectant mother’s brunch and Sutton had a sleep study scheduled for Sunday night. I saw my OB on Thursday and I had zero progress and he said the likelihood of me going into labor that weekend was slim to none. Not zero but unlikely. Saturday night I had contractions/Braxton hicks that were pretty regular but that was seeming to be the norm so I tried not to think too much into it. I woke up Sunday and it was finally Bloom day! That morning I was having steady contractions every 15 minutes for around an hour or two and then they would go away for a bit. They would come back stronger and steady at 15 minutes then go away again. They did this pretty much all day long.

After Bloom I headed to see my kids who were with our family relaxing for Boat Blessing. Sutton had the sleep study scheduled for that night so I knew we would have to eat and bathe and do all that jazz before we could leave (we had to be there at 6). Well as the time got closer? The contractions/BH got closer. I came home to get Sutton all bathed and my sweet Milly came with me to help since I was pretty uncomfortable. At this point I was having them every 5-6ish minutes. Then I had some other TMI symptoms and my back started hurting. After talking to her for a while and my mom and Ryan, we decided it was best to just go ahead and cancel the sleep study for that night. Looking back- thank God we did! At first, I thought I made the wrong call because the contractions/BH went away pretty much immediately but when they came back they were 4 minutes apart.

All of our family and friends were saying we needed to go in and be checked out and I was just in denial. I knew it couldn’t be labor because I wasn’t hurting that badly. But they were really close and in the back of my head I was really wondering if this was it. My Milly took the kids for the night to be safe and we went home to watch Game Of Thrones. They stayed at 4 minutes apart for a couple hours and then they went to 3 minutes apart. I knew we needed to go in so I started straightening up to see if walking would make them stop- nope. I tried a warm bath- nope. They were still coming steadily. I called the on call doctor (who happened to be the same one I had when we had our pre-term labor scare) and she said it was probably best to come in and be checked.

When we got there they sent us to a labor and delivery room instead of an observation room and this is when I got real nervous.

They hooked me up to the monitors and checked me pretty much immediately. I wasn’t dilated anymore and my cervix hadn’t changed. I wanted to cry. Big, fat ugly tears. I was really regretting going in to get checked and just wanted to go home. She said they were going to monitor my contractions and see if they could get them to stop with fluids. We were like that for a couple hours and I was just getting more and more anxious to go home. I didn’t want to be there anymore. They checked me again and I wasn’t progressing but I was definitely having contractions and the fluids weren’t helping either. I asked if we could go home and she said that they wanted to keep us overnight for monitoring and see what my OB wanted to do in the morning. I looked at Ryan and pouted that we had to stay and he said we could leave. Ultimately, we decided to stay to be safe and I am so glad we did! I had contractions through the night, like usual, and one nurse was quite shocked how many I was having! I tried to get as much rest as I could but to be honest it was just sleep here and there. I was too anxious and done being there to sleep. I was just buying my time to head home in the morning and get some donuts.

To be continued…

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