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Beckham’s BIRTHday

If you want to read the beginning of Beckham’s birth story you can click and read it. I am just going to dive on in and share Beckham’s birth day with y’all!

Bright and early Monday morning around 6am my OB made his rounds. I thought for sure we were going home and I was ready. Donuts and a nap were calling my name. Dr. H checked me and I had made progress! I was 2cm dilated and my cervix had changed. This is when things took a real quick turn. He said since I had been contracting for almost a month and my cervix had made a change that let’s just do this thing. Ummm, what?! Y’all. I was speechless. Pretty sure no one has ever seen that one. Haha!!

He had a C-section scheduled for 7am but they decided to get me started on Penicillin (I was Strep B positive) and Pitocin. Then when he got done with his C-section he would come and break my water. I was still in shock that this was happening but so ready! Pitocin was started around 7:30am. Pretty much immediately I could feel the effects of the Pitocin. It wasn’t painful but it was definitely noticeable and getting more consistent. Very exciting! I was just standing and texting/social media. Then my sweet nurse came in and said the baby’s heartrate was dropping a little with contractions so I needed to lay on my side and see if that helped. Spoiler alert- it helped.

Then my water was broken around 9:50am. In my previous labors once my water gets broken it is usually game on. I wasn’t sure what to expect with this one since I was only 2cm dilated and usually when I go into the hospital I am 4cm. I had asked multiple times about the epidural because I have no shame in admitting that I don’t do pain. I am a wimp. So I was concerned that it was going to get real serious real fast and that I wouldn’t have time to get an epidural.

The good news is that once my water was broken they told me to let them know when I was ready for the epidural! I was torn on getting it then or waiting a little longer since I wasn’t really hurting that badly. I went ahead and said let’s do it. So the epidural went in around 10:20ish.

Once the epidural was in it was time to chill and wait. I was progressing about 1cm an hour at this point. I was settled in and prepared to deliver for 5/6pm. I was having anxiety and just feeling off from if. Sutton’s labor and delivery and postpartum were rough and I was scared for a repeat. Aunt Gigi was in the room with me and she prayed over us and instantly the anxiety went away and there was a calm in the room. It was absolutely amazing to feel God’s presence and KNOW that everything was going to be okay and was in God’s hands. This was such a turning point in labor for me mentally. I don’t think she even realized how much she helped and changed the whole environment for me that day.

They checked me again around 11am and I was 5-6cm dilated. I was still pretty comfortable at this point and definitely feeling the effects of the epidural. The baby’s heartrate was still dropping a little bit so they had me on my side to try to stop it so they could up my Pitocin and get the contractions closer together. At this point they were only 3 minutes-ish apart pretty consistently. Once his heartrate was under control the Pitocin was upped and the contractions got significantly closer- around 45 seconds apart. This is where I started feeling pain with every contraction. At first I thought it was my leg but when I felt to see where it was actually pressure I was feeling. We called the nurse to check me and she came in and said I was 7cm. Yikes!

Around 12:35pm or so my friend Angelina’s husband came in to check on us. He works at the hospital I was delivering and it was so sweet of him to check and make sure we didn’t need anything. This is when things took a turn real quick! I was already hurting with every single contraction but when I had a break I was perfectly fine. When our friend Josh came in I asked if I could have more meds and he explained that if I was feeling pain then sure. But if it was pressure the medicine wouldn’t do anything for that. Boo! Once he walked out the room they got even more intense and were 30 seconds apart. Y’all- I was DYING. So. Much. Pain. I felt nauseous, nervous and just not good. I text my friend Angel who goes natural with her births asking about transition because I was figuring that was what was happening. Ryan called the nurse and let her know I was hurting even more and feeling a lot of pressure so they came in. And they saw a head!

They called my Dr. H immediately and he got there quickly. When I tell you this part was fast and furious I am not even kidding. We had to have NICU in the delivery room because he was only 36 weeks 3 days so technically a preemie. The nursery was also supposed to be in there but they didn’t make it. My doctor sat and waited with his ‘catching hands’ while they finished setting up for delivery. When it was time to push I pushed one half push and his head was out. The second push he was completely out. He was born at 1:08pm.

Right before I delivered my doctor was trying to prepare us for the worst and just saying that since he was a preemie he may need breathing support, feeding support, etc so we were ready for whatever. As soon as he was out and put on me though he pinked up so fast! They were actually pretty surprised. He got a 9/9 Apgar! He weighed in at 6 pounds 9 ounces and 19.5 inches. We got to hold him for about 1.5-2 hours before off to nursery he went.

This labor, delivery and postpartum was such a major difference from Sutton’s birth and I was so very thankful for that. It was peaceful and calming and chill. Since I had contractions/BH for so long I had to take a special medicine to make sure that I didn’t hemorrhage. It had some not fun side effects that led to what is now a funny story but we aren’t going there yet. If ever because holy embarrassing!

The last two weeks have been so amazing with the whole family. We haven’t had the kids the whole time and that has been helpful. Settling in and keeping everyone alive has been a challenge but we are doing it! In all honesty it is easier than I imagined that it would be.

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