Beckham Ryan,  The Vincent’s

Beckham’s Lip & Tongue Tie Part Two

Tuesday I talked about the beginning of our tongue/lip tie process but if you want to catch up you can read that here. Thursday morning came bright and early and we headed to the appointment. I was a little nervous but knew it would be pretty easy. I had stocked up on Tylenol too, just in case. They got us in quickly and took him back almost immediately. The hardest part was I could hear him screaming and it was breaking my heart! I almost cried. But as quickly as he was gone, he came back. And when I got him back he wasn’t crying! The good and bad thing was that since it was so quick there was no anesthesia or numbing. The whole thing took about ten minutes to complete.

They like you to nurse them after the procedure if they will so we did that. Then we were sent on our way! She said some babies will refuse to nurse so recommended pedialyte in case of that. We swung by Walmart on the way home to grab that but then we were home bound to relax and recover. He did really well at first but around four-five hours later he was really hurting. He wanted to nurse but he was hurting so he refused it. I gave him some Tylenol and he took a nice little nap. While he napped, I pumped. This was good for me because my pump session replaced his feeding so I was able to kind of gauge how much he was getting. I pumped four ounces total! Then I felt better about my milk supply and what he was getting. That was really reassuring. The first day you don’t do the stretches for their mouth but the next morning you start. I was scared!

Friday morning it was time to start stretching his mouth. Our dentist was incredible and she sent a video of a dad doing it to show how it should properly be done. She also messaged me Thursday night to check on us which I thought was so thoughtful! I stretched him twice and just didn’t feel like I was getting it right so I ended up texting her to see if there was any tips or tricks. She said sometimes gloves can help you get that grip you need and patience. So we grabbed some gloves later that day and it seemed to help. It was still hard to get in there because his mouth is so small but I got better the more I did it.

We went for speech therapy the Monday after revision and that was good. They checked his wounds and showed us the exercises to get his latch right. So we’ve been working on that. Then we saw lactation a week after the revision. He was doing much better with his latch and gained eleven ounces in a week! At this point we were released from them also. It was an overwhelming week and a half but I’m so thankful we caught it and dealt with it early. I also highly, highly recommend our dentist- she was so amazing and made the whole experience that much easier!


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