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Chick Fil A Stuffed Animal Sleepover

I don’t know about y’all but we are Chick Fil A lovers over here! Our local CFA does all kinds of fun little family nights and I always want to go but usually forget. I knew if I mentioned it to the kids that they would remember and remind me. Because, kids. Well I wasn’t wrong. Haha!

So last Monday it was time and off we went. Y’all- it was the cutest little event! They had a table for all of the ‘campers’ and we just hung out and ate while everyone arrived. Once we got started Miss Cindy explained how everything was going to work. Each kid got a picture frame that they would decorate, took a family picture with the cow and read a story before telling their stuffed animal friends goodnight. Don’t you fret though- they exchanged their friends for the cutest little CFA cow.

Our little friends met us there too so that was extra fun. Sutton was a little cautious of the cow but Lexi had her back. We had the best time! Then we went home and their stuffed animal friends got up to some silly antics. We picked them up the next morning and they were all smiles. They also printed a picture of the kids with the cow and the antics their stuffed animal friends were up to for their picture frame. So cute!

If your local Chick Fil A does cute things like this I recommend you definitely check them out! We had such a fun time and can’t wait to see what the next event is.

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