This morning I was doing my devotional and listening to a speaker about Ruth and Naomi. She was talking about how in the most hopeless of situations we find a sense of community. That really spoke to my heart and I wanted to talk about that for a few minutes. I think this can relate to many areas of our life. From mom life, to loss, to life in general and even diagnosis. If you know of the story of Ruth and Naomi then you may already know what I’m talking about. But their situation seemed pretty hopeless. They lost their loved ones, they had no family and no friends. Their situation looked hopeless but they still clung to that hope. In Ruth 1:15 Naomi tells Ruth to leave her! That her sister in law and has returned to to her people and gods and she should as well. To which Ruth responds (Ruth 1:16-17) that she’s not leaving her and the only thing separating them is death. This is where you see your beginning of community form.

I know when Sutton was misdiagnosed the situation felt hopeless. I knew that God was in charge and knew what he was doing but it felt so hopeless. That’s when I started to speak about achondroplasia and dwarfism. We quickly met people who were in that same season of life as us. I had one friend that was an anchor in that time and I’m thankful constantly for her. It brought me this sense of community- to know that I’m not alone. That first year of Sutton’s life I was just surviving. And now we are thriving. I always hear people who are in unimaginable and tough seasons talk about how everyone says they’re strong but they’re just surviving. And my friends- that is OKAY. It is okay to have a hard season, it is okay to feel hopeless for a time. But hold on to that hope that you feel deep in your soul. Because one day that surviving is going to turn into THRIVING.

Now that I have walked through that season and we are thriving with it, I can be that community and introduction to community for others going through it. Nothing warms my heart like people reaching out to connect because they got a dwarfism diagnosis and are scared, overwhelmed and downright sad. I feel you, friends. Truly. And I’m here to tell you it will hurt and it won’t be pretty for a time. But one day that rainbow will come and you will see the reason for every single struggle.

So I encourage you to press on and fight the good fight. Because you aren’t alone. You can and will become a part of a community! Trust God and trust your plan for he works everything together for the good of those who love him.

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