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Dockatot Review: Is It Worth It?

When we first started trying for Beckham I had seen the beloved Dockatot what felt like everywhere! I loved the idea of it and I really loved that everyone was saying how much it helped their babies sleep. Dockatot does not claim this so don’t get me wrong, but a lot of people who use them say it helps. I am not going to lie that I was pretty skeptic at first but my mind has changed.

Yes, the Dockatot is a little bit pricey for baby to sleep in but if you are a parent of newborn you know just how precious that sleep is. I have had a few friends reach out and ask if I thought it was worth it and to that I say a resounding YES. Here is a list of why I love it so!

  • Beckham sleeps in his dock every single night in the playpen. Sometimes I put it in the bed with us also so he is closer and will sleep when he is being a tad restless but we mostly use it in the pack n play. I also use it during the day upstairs in the playpen for naps.
  • It is crazy easy to transport around. We have family that lives right down the road from us and we spend a decent amount of time there. I can just grab the Dock and roll out the door with all the children and he has a safe place to sleep there too. We have two vacations planned and I 100% plan on taking the Dockatot with us for sleeping.
  • Tummy Time! You can use it for tummy time too! The little toy arch that goes over the top keeps his little eyes busy and checking them out. He tries to grab and kick at his little friends all the time.
  • Easy to clean. Beckham is a puker, y’all. Being able to quickly and easily removed the cover for washing is a game changer!

So, yes, I would definitely say that I recommend buying one for your baby! It has been an extremely useful baby item for our sweet fourth baby. So much so that I may be trying to think of all the ways I can convince my husband we need the next size up!

**This post is not sponsored but Dockatot was kind enough to send me a dock to share my honest thoughts, opinions and experiences. **

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