The Vincent’s

Family Audubon Zoo Trip

If you are from New Orleans or have visited you have likely heard the song ‘We went on down to the Audubon Zoo and they all asked for you…’ and if you haven’t then you should look it up. Fair warning- it will likely get stuck in your head for the rest of the day. We have an Audubon Zoo membership that we get every year and we love it! We are frequent zoo flyers and go as much as we can without neglecting school. We can also go to the insectarium and aquarium with our pass but mama doesn’t like going downtown by herself with all three kids so we don’t go too much. Very rarely Ryan also joins us at the zoo but we were blessed and Ryan got to come this time!

We had such a great time. If you have never been before then I recommend you go check it out. Even as many times as we go we still love it just as much every single time. I do think it may be my last time for a while though because three kids and holy walking. I was exhausted by the end of our visit! I am going to pretty much just picture dump for my own memories so I hope y’all enjoy!

Some of the children were feeling the kissing booth more than the others.
Miss Independent over here was insistent on pulling the wagon that weighs more than her.

Capturing the pictures the kids request is fun! You never know what they want. Ha!
Monkey see Monkey do.

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