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Favorite Baby Gear: Fourth Baby Edition

Now that Beckham has been in the fam bam for almost two months I feel like it is okay to share some of my favorites with y’all! Being my fourth baby it definitely wasn’t my first rodeo. Even though Sutton is only two years old it is amazing how many new baby gear has hit the market. My goal was to be minimalistic {seriously- so much baby clutter!} and just get what we really and truly needed. That worked out for the most part except for a swing and my sweet mother in love blessed us with two! So what’s on my favorites list? Let’s get started!


Okay this is definitely a splurge if you’re buying brand new. But y’all. Two words- GAME CHANGER. If you aren’t familiar with Doona, it is a car seat and stroller in one. Yep, you read that right. We have four kids in car seats (two rear facing) so we don’t have room for a stroller and that was stressing my mama heart out. Plus, did I mention four kids? This baby is amazing! It’s so convenient to pull in and out and turn into a stroller when I’m going places. I bought it second hand but the girl I bought it from used it for two of her kids so it’s definitely getting its use! I also got a Skip Hop stroller organized as a gift from a friend and that is super convenient for my water, keys, sunglasses, etc. I will say that not having a basket or anything is a downfall but definitely not a deal breaker.

Ryan and Rose Pat Pat & Cutie Clip

Beckham isn’t addicted to his nunu like my other kids but he takes it well enough. Ryan and Rose is a small company that is run by the sweetest Christian family. They sell adorable Pat Pats and Cutie clips. What is a Pat Pat? It’s a pacifier {similar to soothies) and a teether in one! And they come in the cutest colors! If you have babies you know that losing pacifiers is a part of the game so you need a clip to keep track. They sell these too in every single color and pattern variety you could ever imagine.


I have heard everyone rave about how amazing the Dockatot is and I really wanted one for Beckham. Dockatot was so kind as to send us one to use and share with y’all my thoughts on! We’ve been using it every single night since he was born and y’all- I’m convinced that everyone who raves about it was right! At first we used it in the pack n play but then I ended up putting it in bed with us. It’s so amazing to know that he sleeps safely in his own little area and I can easily reach over and soothe him. It’s also really great to grab and go. We’ve taken it to family’s house with us when we visited before and we bring it upstairs to use during the day! Beware though- Sutton sees him on the floor as an invitation to big him and try to ‘pet’ him. *I was given a Dockatot in exchange for my honest review.*

Audrey and Bear Personalized Swaddle

Fourth baby needs new things too! And he has his own name so he definitely needed his name blanket. You can read more about my thoughts on it Here.

Swaddle blankets

I bought a Lou Lou and company swaddle blanket once I heard how soft and huge they are. At first I was super intimidated because of how huge it was! But then I started using it for a nursing cover and that was super convenient. One day I wised up googled how to swaddle with it and then it clicked. I’m not sure what it is but it’s pretty much magic. If Beckham is super fussy or just having a tough day I can swaddle him with it and BAM. He’s out like a light. A friend also blessed us with a Copper Pearl swaddle and that one is another great one to use as a nursing cover.

Itzy ritzy 4n1 cover

This has been awesome for taking Beck out of the house. Life with four means I can’t hunker down and stay in for six weeks so this has been great. I left him in the Doona and threw the cover on and no one bothered him! It also is awesome as a breastfeeding cover {if your baby is good at latching on their own}. I still use it but my head is under the cover most of the nursing session because I’m extra.

Jujube bff diaper bag

Newborn babies need ALLLLLL the things when you leave the house. Plus with having two in diapers I knew I needed a big diaper bag that I could fit everything. And also ever since I got a fancy camera I like to carry it at all times. Then I also have snacks because that makes everyone’s life easier. This bag holds everything and then some! I love that I can wear it on my back without it hurting me or my shoulders. I’m not lying when I say I have actually forgotten it’s back there before. Love love love this bag so much!

These are my top favorite things. If you decide to try one of these out for your baby then I would love to know your thoughts!

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