Beckham Ryan

Favorite Personalized Baby Item

I live in the south and if there is anything certain about a southern mama it is that they love all things monogrammed and personalized. So as soon as you know what you are going to be naming your baby? You start the hunt and start personalizing all the things! We had a really hard time choosing a name for this baby (fourth baby thing?) but once we finally did it was time!

When Sutton was a baby we purchased this beautiful personalized swaddle from Audrey and Bear ( We used that thing constantly and we still do to this day- two and a half years later! Everyone commented how cute it was and asked where we got it. I knew it was a must for baby four and started checking out the designs as soon as we knew baby was a boy.

It is also such a great gift for anyone expecting a baby.

They also started doing robes for mom to match the baby too! Gifting ideas aren’t limited to babies though. They do big kid blankets and are launching so many awesome new products right now also. I love following them on social media and seeing what they are designing these days.

The hardest part is choosing which print you want! You can choose to leave it as it is or if you don’t like it as it is then you can change the aspects of it- font, colors, anything. If you choose to change it up you will be given a designer and they will work with you until you think it is perfect! I was so pleased with how quickly they got back with me and they knocked my ideas out the park.

Another really cool thing that Audrey and Bear does that sets them aside from other companies is their Swaddle for Swaddle program.

Every time that a blanket is purchased they donate a similar blanket to a NICU or pediatric cancer center. That is amazing. What a wonderful gift to receive when your child is going through the hardest thing they will have to. So whether you are buying a swaddle or Audrey and Bear product for yourself as a gift I can promise you that you won’t go wrong!

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