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February Louisiana Bloggers Brunch

A couple months back I joined this local group of bloggers and it has been such a wonderful thing in my life. This group is probably one of the most positive, helpful and uplifting group of women I have ever met. It is so amazing to see women come together and build each other up and support each other rather than tearing each other down. Community over competition is wonderful!

We aim to meet once a month at different restaurants and places in downtown New Orleans. I try my hardest to not miss them because they really just fill my cup. Yesterday we went to the Pythian Market which is a food hall. I thought this was so neat. Basically it is this really gorgeous place with a bunch of different vendors who sell a bunch of different cuisines. I loved walking around and looking at what everyone had to offer. My only problem with these neat little food halls is how on earth do you choose what to eat with so many yummy options! Oh, and if you’re local they were selling king cakes from different places- Like Randazzo’s! Say what?! That took some serious self control to not get one.

We got to try six different things from different people and I feel like I should warn you that I am super picky. But there was something for everyone and even though it might not have all been my cup of tea even picky me enjoyed myself!

Brunch at Pythian Market. Look at that lineup!

After we all ate some delicious food Angelle (Dashing Darling on IG) spoke her heart to us. I ended up taking a good bit of knowledge away and left feeling really inspired. Angelle is such a sweetheart! She is genuine, kind, uplifting and she loves the Lord with her whole heart.

Once she finished speaking we went and toured the event spaces. They had a couple different options for weddings, showers, parties and whatever you could host a party for. The are was GORGEOUS and so well lit. Of course if you bring a bunch of bloggers into a gorgeous space with great lighting you’re going to have many photoshoots going on. I had a blast taking pictures of my friends and posing them. I have to say that I need some lessons in posing because it is not my strong suit! Ha!

Overall it was such a wonderful day with new and old friends. I really enjoyed the venue, food and company. Taking a break from my kiddos didn’t hurt either! I am so thankful for the opportunity to be a part of this group!

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