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Gardening with the Vincent’s

I just love me those fill your soul days. They always seem to come from the most unexpected places too! Times that you think the kids are going to be bored and bail. Daily and mundane things. But really, those are the most life giving days together. They just fill my cup right on up. Ryan took a day off to spend with us and we decided to run errands and then start our garden! We did a garden last year (and when I say we I mean Ryan) and he really enjoyed it. It gave us a decent amount of vegetables and it was a good lesson for the kids.

We wanted to make sure to involve them so they could feel like they helped contribute as well. They helped a lot more in the beginning before they bailed but it was a good time. Now I am going to have a picture overload because there is just no way that I could choose which pictures were my favorite! We ended up planting tomatoes, grape tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, lettuce, peppers and cucumbers. I am excited to help take care of the garden and get our first crop! It’s going to taste extra delicious since we did it ourselves, don’t you think?

Now some of us were definitely more commited and willing to help than others- ahem, Sutton. She was IN the water table, running away every time we turned, and just generally into everything not related to our goal. Gotta love those two year olds, huh? She was pretty cute while doing it though. She did end up stripping her outfit off and running around in a pullup and then naked. Such is the life of a toddler. I had a great day and I can’t wait to have more together when Ryan is off!

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