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Geaux Baby Geaux: Sutton Button Strong

There is this local program here called Geaux Baby Geaux and they take powered cars and adapt them so that children with special needs (specifically motor skills) can use them. When I heard about this program I immediately thought of Sutton. Yes, she is walking and doing so amazing developmentally but it is HARD to find things that fit her. A power wheel was definitely something I wasn’t even searching for. I reached out to our old occupational therapist and asked if this was something she thought that Sutton could benefit from and she said yes! So then I reached out to the coordinator and threw Sutton’s name in the running. I know there are kids who can’t get around at all and I didn’t want to take the spot from someone who needed it more. But at the same time it would have been amazing for Sutton to get in also. Well, long story short- she got in!

So a couple weeks ago her and I took the afternoon off to go and get fitted for her new car. What a day. I know that I am hormonal and emotional because of pregnancy but seeing the JOY on her face when she was driving that car was the best feeling. It’s easy to take things for granted when we are average height or have average height kiddos so you wouldn’t even think about how you can’t go out and buy a power wheel for your baby because she can’t reach. Well because of this amazing program that is no longer an issue. They put the gas pedal as a button on the steering wheel that she presses to go. Game. Changer. It didn’t take her long at all to be zooming around like it was her J-O-B.

They also had a news crew there getting some coverage so I will share that link here too in case you wanted to see it. I am so thankful for this program and the wonderful OT’s who helped us get situated that day. They made something that could have been a difficult situation so much easier and more fun for Sutton.

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