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Happy Birtbday Jesus Playdate!

Christmas season is such a fun time. It’s easily my favorite holiday ever. The cooler weather, the happy people, the feeling of joy and happiness in the air and celebrating our Savior’s birth! There is just so much to love. It’s really important to me that the kids know the reason why we really celebrate Christmas.

I try to incorporate that every year in some way and this year we did a playdate with our sweet friends! They came over, read the Christmas story, did a nativity craft, decorated cupcakes and then we sang happy birthday. Seeing how much fun they were having was the best! We also made a themed lunch that looked like a nativity. It was a wonderful day!

And for a fun memory- when Lexi was three She was so mad we didn’t have candle for the cake so she let us know. The picture won’t let me load it but she’s screaming her head off with her fingers in her ears. These are the memories- haha!

And for a look back at baby Lexi, here she is in the same outfit as Sutton! (Sutton doesn’t fit in the pants so I saved those for next year! She also wears the tunic as a dress. And Lexi was two in this pic and Sutton is three!)

What is your favorite Christmas tradition?

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