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Hurricane Barry Evacucation

I have lived in New Orleans for ten years now and never had to evacuate. When this storm popped up last week my interest was immediately piqued. It seemed it could be headed our way and that is never good. Watching the news leading up to it was freaking me out! It was supposed to be an almost direct hit for us and I was scared.

Thursday morning I left Ryan and the kids sleeping at home and ran to Walmart to get some me time in. And yes, Walmart 100% qualifies as me time these days. On my way there I was chatting with my aunt and my mom who were both asking if we were evacuating. At this point, it was a solid maybe but I knew ryan would say it was unnecessary. In the meantime of shopping I had so many people reaching out to me asking if we were evacuating. Then I got really scared. Listening to the radio on the way home I heard that our area was under mandatory evacuation. Something about it being mandatory was causing so much stress!

Ryan and I had a really bad fight about whether or not to leave (I was overreacting and he was underreacting) and it was a bad day. I was really upset about our fight so I reached out to one of my best friends I know I can count on and chatted with her. It then came up that she thought they were evacuating too! YES. Game changer. I jokingly and half serious mentioned that we should just go together and the plan was formed from there. Framily vacation was a GO. Pretty quickly we decided on a destination, found a house, packed and rolled out that evening. We both decided to drive through the night and that was an adventure in itself. We decided that in the future that isn’t for us. Haha!

We decided on Nashville, Tennessee because if we were leaving on vacay we may as well make it worth it. Nashville is about an eight hour drive from us. We figured we could leave a little earlier than the kids bedtime and they would sleep through the drive. WRONG. Beckham did amazing. But the big kids slept maybe two hours. By the time we arrived in Nashville early Friday morning we were all dragging. Ryan and Lexi took a little nap while Sutton and Abram watched tv. Our friends arrived a little later that morning too. We headed out for lunch and provisions for our stay then back for a nap for everyone. Our poor kids were melting down from being so tired and we were all exhausted and a little low on patience. Overall though, they did so good!

Angel and Jared cooked dinner for everyone that night and we ate before we went out. We decided we were going to go to the pedestrian bridge and just going to sightsee a little bit. That was pretty fun! We went into downtown Nashville (which was a lot like Bourbon Street except cleaner) and headed to a milkshake shop. Y’all- that was crazy nerve wracking! Seven kids between all of us in the crowded streets with people everywhere. Yikes! I wouldn’t recommend it. When we got the shop we were headed to we quickly realized it was a solid no. The line was INSANE. And again- seven kids. Waiting? Nope. No thank you. We headed to a different place and grabbed some yummies. It turned out really well and we were exhausted by the end. Then it was time to go home and get some rest so we could enjoy our Saturday before we headed home Sunday!

I’ll be doing a part two with more pictures because this post got a little too lengthy!

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