2020,  The Vincent’s

I’m back!

Wow! It has been seven months, y’all! To say life just got away from me would be the understatement of the year. 2020 has been CRAY. Aside from the pandemic, I started working outside the home! Literally the day we locked down. It’s been a wild ride & a wild couple of months I need to catch up on. Even just for my memory sake! For now, I will just touch base on a couple things.

I got a job! Y’all this whole situation was such a God thing. One day I’ll share all the details about it. This changed our lives in a couple ways. One of those ways is that we stopped homeschooling and put our kids into traditional school this year! That was a HUGE & HARD step for us but we’re trusting God and what he’s doing in our life. Ryan got a promotion at work too! I’m telling you- it’s been a whirlwind.

Birthdays! Ryan turned 31 and we had our ten year anniversary that day too. Beckham turned one! I turned 30 then Sutton turned four. Abram just turned seven!

The world is a weird, scary and overwhelming place right now. But we are here to be the light & that’s what we’re going to do! How have y’all been?

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