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Life Catch Up

Life has been crazy hectic around these parts for the last two weeks! I keep telling myself that it is going to slow down and then it never does. I am a homebody and really enjoy being at home for the most part. Being in my routines, my comforts and the kids being able to run wild makes me happy. I also like getting out and know it is important for the kids. The balance of it all is a struggle for me.

Two weeks ago we finally finished school! That was a major success! I am so glad that we are done and off for a few weeks before we start again. Last week was VBS or VBF (vacation bible fun) as it was renamed this year. VBS is my kids favorite week of the whole entire summer! They legitimately talk about it and look forward to it all year long. To kick off that week we had a playdate with friends. Then Wednesday, Thursday and Friday was VBS with Saturday being the day of the performance. I am going to post and share some pictures in a more detailed post soon!

Then this week Sutton had her genetics appointment. We go every six months because of her dwarfism. I am also going to do a detailed post on this. We also took a little trip to the pediatrician because Beckham has been very congested and it was concerning me. I also wanted to discuss torticollis and his possible dairy allergy. Sutton has been complaining about her ears hurting as well so I figured might as well make it a family trip. Good news is that all is well!

This weekend I have a whole lot of nothingness planned. It’s Julie’s birthday weekend so I know we will have some family time. Our church also moved to a new building so I am really excited about that too! Looking forward to a more chill and relaxed week coming up. Getting into a better routine and making memories. What have yall been up to lately?

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