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Life lately with The Vincent’s

This is probably going to be a really boring and rambly post so you have been warned! Life lately with the family has been pretty good! We started back to school last week and it’s been really nice getting back into a good school routine. The kids are loving it so far. I’ve also been working a tiny bit with Sutton on her letters, colors and shapes and she thinks it’s the best.thing.ever!

Beckham has been growing like a weed lately. It’s like every day I look at him he has grown more. It’s kind of blowing my mind. I don’t know if it’s more noticeable because I’m so used to how slowly Sutton grows or he is just really growing that fast. Ha! But it’s wild. And also super reassuring since he’s still exclusively breastfed. Which in itself is a major win for me! This is the longest I have ever breastfed exclusively for. He has also started sleeping longer stretches at night which is amazing. He’s my youngest to do that too- I think the Dockatot is to thank for that.

Personally, I’m bored. Yes, I’m a mom and I homeschool the kids and they’re a lot of work. But creatively? I’m bored to death. I need something fun and creative to do with my brain and hands. I’ve been looking into glitter tumblers but that’s quite an undertaking and Ryan isn’t on board so we shall see! I did apply to a part time job but I don’t think it’ll pan out. It was good for me to go out of my comfort zone though.

That’s all that’s been happening around here lately. This next week is kinda crazy so I’m going to try to rest up and prepare. As much as one can. Haha! What is life lately like for y’all?

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