The Vincent’s

Life Lately

Life around here has been pretty normal! Last week was a bit of a crazier week with appointments and I worked one day but it was good. I don’t remember if I mentioned or not but at our six month checkup our pediatrician was concerned about Beckham not meeting his milestones. For a while I had wondered if he had a hearing issue. He never startled as a baby, when we would call him he would only look or respond half the time and he wasn’t babbling as much as he should have. He also was a little delayed with his physical milestones but nothing too terrible. So we had an evaluations with early steps since early intervention is key! This is when we found out that he was definitely delayed regarding speech and with motor milestones. I told them my concerns and they recommended a hearing test also. So last week we had that. He had a hearing test and an ENT appointment. The hearing test he had was two parts since he got distracted and wouldn’t cooperate any longer. I found out that he passed the test but there were certain tones he wasn’t responding to but he responded to speech. She said to just repeat the hearing test after his first birthday but she wasn’t concerned. He also has been babbling and responding more (which was a total answered prayer).

Then on Wednesday I worked and Ryan stayed home with the kids. It was a good day, ha! It was so nice to be able to get out and use my creative side, get a small break from the kids and make a little extra money. I’m doing photography on the side. Now don’t get me wrong- I don’t think I’m a photographer. I’m a wannabe photographer. One day I’ll get there and until then I am getting better! But I really do love it. I have a photography bucket list too. Yes, I’m lame!

And then Thursday Sutton had an orthopedic appointment. It was her yearly checkup with him and I was nervous. Her legs seem to be bowing more and sometimes she cries at the end of the day saying they hurt. She weighed in at 22 pounds and 29.3 inches tall. She had some X-rays done first and I was pretty surprised how well she did. All in all, it was a great appointment! The ortho said she looks really great for a patient with achondroplasia. She has a tad bit of kyphosis, a tad of lordosis and some bowing of the legs but nothing concerning. We took some extra X-rays so we’ll know where we are in the future. But we are set to go back next year. This was another answered prayer!

This week we are extra boring and nothing going on. There will be lots of school, some organizing and squeezing in some special time with each of the kids!