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Life with Four

Beckham is officially one month old! How it’s possible that he is already one month is beyond me. We are loving life as a family of six! I’m always real honest about how hard our transition from two to three was. I’m not sure if it was the number of kids or the unexpected diagnosis and the stuff that went along with it but it was HARD. Honestly, I think I had postpartum depression/anxiety and didn’t even realize it. I have full faith though (and have started to see the fruits of it) that everything that we go through is used for the glory of God and to help others heal. Your MESS becomes your MESSAGE. So while that year was hell I wouldn’t change it for the world. 

Anyhow- the transition from three to four has definitely been easier than that! I think a lot of things come into play to make me say that. One is that we are so immensely blessed and have a lot of help with our kids. Two is that for the most part, Ryan has a really flexible schedule so I can take Beckham to appointments with just one kid. Three is that Lexi is a huge helper. But mostly? I think perspective has the most to do with it. I am thankful for a healthy baby with no diagnosis. Sure four is pure chaos and juggling babies most of the time. But it’s the best kind of chaos I could have ever asked for. I told someone the other day that I just keep waiting for the other shoe to drop but immediately I felt convicted. I need to embrace and enjoy this season that we are in. It may get harder. Things may change. But if they do I know that God will provide the Grace and wisdom we need to get through! 

Sutton is adjusting so well. The biggest issue we have with her is that she wants to snuggle and ‘pet’ {read: smother} him. So we’re working on using gentle hands and being careful. The big kids are absolutely smitten! Lexi holds him when I need to shower or get ready. You’ll always find Abram checking in on him and offering his nunu. Overall, we are settling in nicely and I can’t wait to watch these four grow up together! We are so extremely blessed! 

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