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March Lagniappe Box

Snail mail may seem like a thing of the past but I really love getting me some snail mail! Usually I know what is coming and stalk it like a crazy person because I am so very excited about it! You know what takes snail mail an extra fun step forward? A subscription box! This box is put out by a local company here in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Each month they send out a different Louisiana themed box. They’re sent out on the first of the month and are such a fun surprise! You can choose a one time subscription (what a great gift idea!), three month, six month or auto Renew it.

I received the March box and y’all- it was the cutest! Can you guess what the theme for this month was? Crawfish! That seems extremely appropriate as we are entering crawfish season. I am so excited about all my new goodies! Want to know what I got? Here we go!!

First up we had the cutest little crawfish pasta I ever did see! I think it’s possible that it may be too cute to eat. Just kidding- it’s pasta. Always eat the pasta. My kids were quite smitten with it as well. It will make a fun little dinner one night and maybe I will get extra lucky and they’ll actually eat it! You can buy your own here .

Next up we had this Dat Dip Louisiana crawfish dip. It is a ready to eat sauce that is good on everything. It comes in a convenient squeeze bottle too! They also make some other yummy stuff that you can check out here!

Next up we had some décor items! I am thinking about hosting a little crawfish boil for Ryan’s dirty thirty so this is going to be perfect if I do! Look at this print! If it doesn’t scream New Orleans to y’all I don’t know what will. It is made by a local artist Sharon Furrate Bailey. You can check out her work at

It also included this crawfish tea towel. Such cuteness from This is really making me crave some crawfish.

Last but certainly not least, the cutest crawfish boil shirt you will ever see. Y’all need crawfish. Why yes, yes I do! The softness of all the shirts made by is real. They are very cozy and make the perfect addition to shorts or jeans! You could even accessorize them with some jewelry if you want to be fancy schmancy. I would like one of each shirt they sell- please and thank you!

Wasn’t that such a fun little box? I loved it so much! I cannot wait to put all these crawfish goodies to use.

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