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Pumpkin Patch 2019

I don’t know about y’all but one of my favorite activities every single year is the pumpkin patch! We go to the same one year after year and it just keeps getting better. We may not get much fall weather here so we went early and it was still hot. But we had a blast, nonetheless. If you’re local you must check out Mrs. Heather’s Pumpkin Patch! You won’t regret it. But if it happens to be a gorgeous fall day in Louisiana just remember everyone will be there. And I mean EVERYONE.

One thing that was different for us this year was that the corn maze was green! And had corn! Usually when we go it’s dead, empty and trampled. That was not the case this time. We went with a homeschool group so the kids got to hang out with their friends. It was a great day!

They have zip lines, corn kernel pool, a bounce thing, slides and just tons of stuff for the kids to do. My kids were especially fond on the characters they had out, which I found strange but whatever. That’s enough chatter from me though- I’ll just let the pics do the talking!