The Vincent’s

Pick the Oranges

Ryan has a really crazy work schedule. People always ask what he does and I chuckle because it’s hard to answer. He does a lot of things to make ends meet and give us the life we always imagined. Not a day goes by that I am not thankful for his hard work and sacrifice. Because of this we can go for a week or more without seeing him. Last week he was home with us for the whole week and we soaked it up! Literally. We didn’t do school, we didn’t do chores, we just had fun and spent time together. It wasn’t all fun and games because of course we did errands and stuff but we had such a great week with him. It was a breath of fresh air. It also came at the perfect time as we will soon be adding another little human to this family dynamic.

We are so very blessed to live very close to family. They live at the end of the road! So when the weather was glorious last week we were sure to soak it up. We took a little walk (and stroller ride) to the back to pick some oranges! You already know I brought my camera for some pictures to keep for our memories. I just love getting out there and snapping some pictures we will cherish forever. It is the best. Daddy helped each kid pick an orange high up, we ate some while we picked and then we came home and went back to normal life. It’s the little moments, the ones that seem so mundane that truly fill my cup.

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