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Pregnancy #4 Favorite Item: BloomLife Review

With this fourth pregnancy coming to a close, I knew mostly what to expect. With all of my previous kids I have had a good bit of Braxton Hicks and timed them with my phone. Scrolling through IG one day, I came across Bloomlife and knew I needed it for this pregnancy. The day it arrived was perfect timing. I was having some Braxton Hicks that were actually progressing me and I was in preterm labor! Being able to look at the app and see what my body was doing was such a relief. Once I got released from the hospital I continued to use the monitor and it’s my favorite pregnancy product now! 

The ease of use of the Bloomlife monitor can’t be beat and the battery life is amazing! Once you get your monitor you pop it into the patch and then apply it to your stomach, 3 fingertips underneath your belly button. So easy to do! The patches can be used for a couple days and if you run out you can request more for free. The app also saves your previously recorded sessions so you can refer back or share with your medical professionals. It’s a rental so you pay for it weekly and then return it once you’re done. 

The app was also really easy to use. When you’re ready to record a session you press the button and the app searches for the sensor. Then you sit down and relax because you need to be still to record the data. Which who could complain about a reason to rest? Not I! Then when you’re finished with that Session you press stop and it saves all your data for easy access. It also has some really interesting and informative articles that tell you all kinds of neat stuff. Even as a fourth time Mom I enjoyed reading them. 

I really love it because you can really see what your body is doing. As the weeks progress I am so excited to see my body preparing for birth. I get kind of obsessive over these things and the peace of mind it’s going provide me is priceless. I would definitely recommend any of my expecting friends to rent one for the last couple weeks of their pregnancy. After all, knowledge is power! 

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