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Raising kids: Average Height vs. Achondroplasia

We have four kids. Three of them are average height and one has achondroplasia dwarfism so she is a little person. People are always very intrigued for a couple reasons. One- we only have one little person out of four kids! Two- how is it having both? Well, I’m here to tell you that there isn’t much difference. At the end of the day when it is all said and done we created all four of these amazing kids and they’re each special and unique in their own way. Just like each child has their own needs it is the same with a child with dwarfism. We have to alter and change some things but mostly? It’s the same.

With our average height kids we were able to use your average baby things.

This made it easier when trying to entertain them or get things done. This is because when you have achondroplasia your back should never be in a c spine (back curved like a c) so things like bouncers, umbrella strollers, swings, baby wearing, etc can’t be done. All of those things don’t support your back like they need so it’s best to avoid them. That was the biggest difference when comparing babies of average height versus babies with achondroplasia.

The for sure biggest though? The medical needs. Because of Sutton having achondroplasia she is more at risk for certain things. Things like ear infections, stenosis of foramen magnum, kyphosis, sleep apnea and bowing of the legs. We see many specialties with Sutton and have to have regular testing and monitoring. Her first year of life was a complete blur getting all of that done and establishing care with all our specialties. Our average height kids were much easier in their first year.

As parents we always want the absolute best for our kids.

This is no different when it comes to kids with achondroplasia. I think it’s heightened a little more since there is more to worry about. Everything with Sutton has been harder- first year, medical stuff, potty training and looking into the future (school, driving, marriage, babies, etc.). We wouldn’t change her for the world though- she’s the best thing we never knew we needed!

Another thing we get asked is if we would change things. Absolutely not! Sutton is exactly who she is supposed to be because she is a child of God. We are completely confident in that fact. We don’t always know what we’re doing or if we’re doing the right things. Clearly, we make mistakes and are winging it. But with God in our corner and leading us we can’t go wrong.

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