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Reel Cajun Family Excursions: Sunset Cruise

My husband (Ryan- if you are new around here) is a bayou boy. He grew up here in Lafitte, Louisiana on the water and he says he could never move to somewhere that is land locked. This man lives for fishing. He had a dream to open his own chartering and family excursion business and this year his dream became a reality! He has been working hard and dreaming behind the scenes for quite a while. As of March 1st we are officially open and in business! Reel Cajun Family Excursions is no longer just a dream- it’s a reality!

He has so many great ideas and I just love watching him think of new, exciting and unique things to make his company stand out. I really enjoy helping him out and being of service however I can too. One of his really great ideas was a date night sunset cruise! This date night is not your typical dinner and a movie date night. You go out on the boat for a little ride and get to watch the sun set with wine and a charcuterie board!

He also thought how it would be neat to offer to locals and tourists a day on the water. Basically you show up and have fun! We take care of everything while you enjoy the boat cruise, swim, eat some delicious BBQ and jet ski. He also offers all of that with a fishing package as well or you can just go and strictly fish!

I can’t wait to see Ryan’s dream really take off. Seeing him light up and get so excited planning for each trip that he has is the best! He truly does love it so much and being able to share that passion with others is a blessing. You can check out the website for more information and pricing if you want!

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