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Sunday Funday: Bites and Boards Edition

Is there anything better than a Sunday Funday? I think not! There’s just something about a relaxing and low key family weekend that will forever be my favorite. Our last Sunday Funday was a little different than usual but we had SO MUCH FUN!

I am loving that charcuterie Boards are all the rage lately. Food is one of my love languages so I can appreciate a beautifully crafted cheese board. I want to attempt a dessert board and a breakfast board too but that’s for another day. A couple months back I came across a local lady here making these GORGEOUS charcuterie Boards. And when I say gorgeous? I mean *almost* too good to eat. I did say almost though. Ha! I reached out her to see about working together for Reel Cajun Fishing Excursions for our date night cruises but the distance was proving to be an issue. Totally fine because I continued to stalk, errr watch, her Instagram and fell even more in love. Seriously- check her out (and prepare to need a snack). Recently she reached out and wanted to do a Charcuterie Board Workshop with us and the kids. Y’all- I was blown away. It was so incredibly kind of her to reach out and offer to do this with us!

So this Sunday was the day. I was SO EXCITED and Mrs. Robyn didn’t disappoint. Mrs. Robyn and Mr. Billy showed up at the house and immediately took a liking to the kids (and vice versa). It was so sweet! Then she taught the kids how to make her newest item- Bitty Boxes! These are perfect for road trips, snacks or just a surprise for the kids. I don’t know what it is with kids but if you put something on a tray or in a box they’re going to eat it. All of it. Without fighting you. It’s magic. Unfortunately for y’all, this isn’t something she offers to teach kids usually, she just wanted to bless our family. But she does offer charcuterie board workshops and if you’d rather you can just buy a board!

I had the best time watching the kids make their boxes and making my own. She quickly walked me through the process and shared tips and tricks and before I knew it my board was complete. She truly, truly went the extra mile. I love all the little touches she add to make it extra cute too.

My cup was so full on Sunday. It was such a blessing and my heart was just smiling all day long! Thank you again, Mrs. Robyn and Mr. Bill. It was such a wonderful time meeting you and thank you for sharing your skills with us!

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