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Sutton Grace turns THREE.

Last week Sutton turned three and I would be lying if I said I didn’t have allllllll the feels. Looking back three years ago can be so overwhelming to me. But it’s also really wonderful when I need to change my perspective. In case you didn’t know, Sutton was born unexpectedly with dwarfism. At first they told us it was a fatal form and that was HARD. Praise God that they were wrong! We now have a beautiful and strong willed three year old who is thriving.

Sutton at three is full of life.

She has a personality that is three times the size of her. She is still very small, even for Achondroplasia standards. Weighing in at right around 21 pounds and about 29.5 inches tall! Potty training has been a mess with her. She’s amazing at peeing but we can not get her to poop for anything. I just tell myself she won’t go to college in diapers/pull-ups. So she’s in a size 3 diaper. Bottoms are hit or miss but bloomers are a 3/6-6/9 mix, leggings are a 12 month with extra leg room, or the 18 month Capri leggings (Cat and Jack brand from Target) are amazing! They fit her waist AND her length- quite impressive. Tops can be tricky too with her adorable little belly that pokes out. Typically, she’s between a 12-18 month shirt. And dresses are 9-12 or 12 month! Shoes are a size 4! We have been blessed to find Walmart has a lot of shoes that fit her well (Wonder nation brand, specifically). So dressing her, as you can see, can be a tad challenging.

As far as development and therapies go we just started back with Occupational therapy and are giving physical therapy a try also. Loving occupational but not sure about physical. I’m not impressed with our therapist and if that doesn’t improve I’m going to be advocating for changes. Sutton has been falling a lot more recently and I want to make sure we’re staying on top of it. (Please no bashing about PT. I’m very aware it isn’t very controversial in the little people world. I am very on top of the situation and keeping a close eye on everything they do with Sutton.)

Honestly, Sutton is your average three year old!

She’s a good bit smaller than your average toddler and we have more medical things to watch out for but I’m thankful for where we are. I’m thankful for doctors who were wrong. I’m thankful for a God who has shown up and showed us how to deal with all of this. And I’m thankful for our little Sutton Grace Vincent! This is three!


  • Kelly

    Hi! My son is six months old and has achondroplasia. We are a homeschooling family with four children. I stumbled upon your blog when searching for information about achondroplasia. Thanks for blogging! I feel like I have tons of questions and lots to learn!!

    • lifeasavincent

      Hey Kelly! Thanks so much for commenting. That’s wild that we have so much in common but super neat! If you ever have any questions, please feel free to reach out. That whole first year was hard & such a blur for me.

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