Sutton Button Strong,  The Vincent’s

Sutton’s Third Birthday Party

This year we had Sutton’s birthday party at McDonald’s! I’m going for easy and affordable and having parties at our house is just Insert McDonald’s into this equation and BOOM. Sutton had a great time and it was so easy peasy lemon squeezy for me that I wish all our kids would do their party there! Want to know a fun little fact? The party hostess that does parties did my first birthday and Ryan’s parties as a child too! How wild is that? Actually, most of our friends had a party or two done by her also. She truly is the sweetest!

Sutton got a little shy when it came time for all eyes to be on her for the happy birthday song. She actually leaned forward at one point and almost caught her hair on fire. Oops! Thanks to everyone who came out and celebrated with us. It was a fun time! Now for the picture dump.

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