Beckham Ryan,  The Vincent’s

Vincent Baby #4

I don’t know if it is age or wisdom but this pregnancy is flying by and it is starting to make me nervous. Ha! Bringing in the first week of the year we all caught a stomach bug and it was AWFUL. I may have had a meltdown one day and legit questioned what on earth we were thinking having a fourth baby?! Thankfully, it was short lived and I think it was due to pure exhaustion and pregnancy. It was a tough week!

I am still seeing the high risk doctor and my anatomy scan was scheduled for 20 weeks 4 days. Then I had my OB appointment the next day. Everything checked out beautifully with the little man and we were released from high risk! This was wonderful news! I was a little hesitant about this decision. Not because we want anything to be wrong this baby but because dwarfism doesn’t typically show up until later in the pregnancy. I mentioned my concerns to my OB (whom I seriously love!!) and he agreed with me that we need to repeat the ultrasound at 28 weeks to be sure. Sutton was measuring average and right on track at 20 weeks also so it is definitely better to be safe rather than sorry. He looks completely different than Sutton did in her ultrasounds and another baby with dwarfism would be crazy rare. We are confident that he is average height but just want to cover all our bases.

After our appointment I felt that it was time to announce our name! It was definitely the hardest kid for us to name. We must have ‘named’ him no less than five times and we just couldn’t commit. We had a lot of good names that we just didn’t feel like we could use for different reasons. Alas, we decided and agreed and we are so excited to share!

Beckham Ryan

Beckham is just a name that we saw on a list and just fell in love with it from there. It was going to be Beckham James but at the last second Ryan asked to change it. Abram’s middle name is Ryan and he thought it would be really neat for Beckham and Abram to share a middle name. Plus, he is kind of partial to the name Ryan. Haha! It is so cute to see Sutton referring to her brother as Beckham in her little baby voice. We can’t wait to meet this little dude! Don’t worry- we aren’t in that much of a hurry. We have a lot of preparing to do. I am also going to be sharing some posts about baby gear in the coming weeks.

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