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Vincent Family Adventures: Annual Christmas Baking Day

Does anyone feel like the Christmas season just flew by this year? I know I do! It seemed like I blinked and it was Christmas week. I know that since Thanksgiving was later this year that we kind of lost a week but still! Traditions are something that I don’t really remember too much as a kid. I want to make traditions for the kids to carry on and do with their kids! This one is one of my favorites. Every year we get together with my MIL and Rachel and have a fun baking day. This year it just so happened to fall on the Sunday before Christmas! That morning we had the kids Christmas dance at church so we all went to that and then came home and had lunch. Then it was GO time!

Every year we always talk about what we’re making the week before and it’s hard to choose! But it’s funny because we usually end up making the same thing every single year. I always make Oreo balls because they’re amazing. And then I always switch it up with one recipe. One year it was gooey butter cookies. Last year I don’t even remember what it was. Ha! But this year I did peanut butter blossoms. Yaya (MIL- mother in love) always make these adorable little mice and chocolate covered peanut butter ritz. Rachel also likes to keep it interest so she made Oreo rice Krispy things.

It’s really fun to get the kids involved in making all the goodies. It always makes a big, huge mess but it also makes big, huge memories! And these are recipes they’ll become professionals at making and be able to make with their kids. The great circle of life.

Once we make everything we divide it into three to share and eat on it for dayssss. I always love hearing what everyone’s favorite thing we made that year. Ryan loves the peanut butter ritz, I loveeeee Oreo balls and the kids just love sugar. I know we only do it at Christmas but we love it so much we really should do it more!