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Vincent Family Adventures: Audubon Zoo

We went on down to the Audubon Zoo and they all asked for you.. Have you heard that song before? Every time that we go to the zoo it pops into my head. And fun fact- did you know that song plays on the little clock with animals in the tower at the zoo? The kids love watching the animals do their little thing while the song plays. It is pretty cute!

We have an Audubon membership and it is worth every single penny. It’s awesome for so many reasons but I love that we can go to the zoo whenever! You’ll find us there A LOT in the spring and fall. We just love getting outside and seeing all the animals. Last week we took our first trip of the year and had a blast! I made each of the kids learn three new things and draw a picture about it. They really enjoyed that.

The lions are a new exhibit and it was our second time seeing them. Y’all- that lion scared the poopoo out of us! Sutton was walking up and had a PB&J in her hand. The lioness locked eyes with her and got into her pouncing position. As soon as I noticed it, I started to back up. She was making me real nervous. Well as Sutton kept walking closer, the lioness got back into her position and ran full force at the enclosed net. Y’all- it was terrifying!! They had a lady next to us who said that’s not the first time they’ve witnessed that before. I was very uncomfortable with that lioness. So scary! Otherwise, we had a really fun time.

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