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Vincent Family Adventures: Dairy Farm Edition

I have never been to a dairy farm so when the opportunity to go for a homeschool field trip popped up, I jumped! I was SO EXCITED for weeks. The kids were also looking forward to it. The farm we went to is called Country Girls Creamery and it’s located in Mississippi. It’s a little bit of a drive for us (two hours) but it was so worth it! I truly can’t wait to go back:

The day we went just so happened to be freezing cold so I think it would’ve been a tad more fun if it was warmer. However, we had such a wonderful time! The kids got to feed baby calves, seeing the Jersey cows get milked, learn a good bit, see how they coated the cheese and hear how it was made and go on a tractor ride! They also had a little play area and picnic tables so we had lunch too before we headed out.

After lunch the kids got to try some ice cream and were sent home with a block of cheese. They also had a little store on site and you could buy their stuff. They had a variety of cheeses, meat, eggs, variety of milk and ice cream! It was very cool. We went home with the best chocolate milk I’ve ever had, a gallon of whole milk and creole cream cheese.

If the dairy farm is close to y’all would you go? I can’t wait to go back when the weather is warmer! We didn’t get to milk cows because our group was too large but he said if you go and it’s not busy you usually can milk them. I think the kids (and myself, ha) would enjoy that.

I related so much to the dairy cows. Feeding their calves and humans, getting milked to get the most out and having babies all the time. Haha! So basically yes, I am a cow!