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What We’re Up To Wednesday

Hey friends! I figured I haven’t done a random picture and what we are up to dump lately so what better day than today? We really lead a pretty average life so nothing crazy is happening but I want to remember all the daily and mundane things. Those are just as important as the huge ones!

Sutton saw a new orthopedic yesterday. I went into the appointment not having high hopes. Unfortunately, since Achondroplasia is so rare it isn’t widely known about with physicians. This creates a nightmare when you are having issues because they want to treat Sutton as an average height kid- which she is not. However, I was pleasantly surprised that this guy knew what he was talking about! He was very kind to Sutton, said the right things and asked the right questions. It was a great appointment, Sutton is doing wonderful and we don’t go back for a year!

We have been on a green smoothie kick lately. Super random but Ryan left behind some spinach and I didn’t want it to go to waste. What better way to use it than to put it in a smoothie and feed it to my unsuspecting children? Yesterday I got even wiser and added some protein powder for them to get some extra. They said that one tasted better than before. Total mom win! They love making little mustaches with it too. Cuties!

Sutton has always been quite the little climber. Here lately though? She is taking that to the next level. Every single time I turn around she is climbing something new. It’s great that she is so creative and figures out ways to get what she needs. But man! She’s giving me a heart attack in the meantime. Here are some examples of just yesterday. Ha!

Life with these three kids is definitely never dull! They do and say the funniest things and just fill my cup so much. I am so thankful to be their mama and be with them every single day.

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