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Why I Blog

I get asked a lot- Why do I blog and share so much of our life. That is a question that has many different reasons and I figured it would be a perfect blog post! So today I am going to share my why.

Back when Lexi was born I had a blog (you know- the old school blogging days with link ups and fun?) and I loved it! I couldn’t even tell you what it used to be called because I honestly don’t remember. Oops! I would blog her monthly updates, stats and what we were up to. My favorite part was following others who had kids around the same age as mine and seeing what they were up to. I followed a couple local girls and they are now the owners of the New Orleans, Redstick and Lafayette moms blogs! So neat. I also had made some really true and genuine friends that were in my life for a season. I just loved it so much. Then life got busy and I got bored and that was the end of that.

When Sutton was born in 2016 with achondroplasia I went through a lot emotionally. I found that writing was a good outlet for me and Sutton’s diagnosis gave me the perfect outlet. I guest posted for the New Orleans Moms Blog once and then shortly after they asked me to join their team (where I still contribute). I also started using Instagram as a little personal/family blog. I felt God stirring my heart to put all of this in one place so I started blogging over at Three Plus Me. This year when we decided to try for number four and were successful that meant I had to change things up. So here we are!

Going through an unexpected diagnosis was so very hard. I had so many thoughts, feelings, emotions, everything. I just wanted to know that she was going to be okay. That she was going to grow up and have a wonderful life. That she would be loved and cared for. I immediately went looking for others sharing their journey and found that there weren’t many so I decided I wanted to be that person. So I started sharing basically everything. I created Sutton her own page and ran it for about a year until things calmed down medically. From there I put her stuff back on my personal page.

Knowing that what we went through was for a reason has helped me more than I can say. I know that God has a purpose for Sutton and that is what keeps us pushing through the really hard times. But being there for others and being a light in what can be a dark place is so rewarding.

This led to me sharing more of my life and I quickly learned that I am oversharer! I just feel like God gave me a voice and to use it. My goal is to be honest, real and straight up with y’all. I have been starting to work with brands that we love and are trying and that has brought in another level of fun. I have joined blogging groups that are a breath of fresh air. I have made friends that are going to be there for life!

Yes, it is scary sharing so much of my life. Yes, I worry about what people think or say about me. But at the end of the day I have this voice and I want to use it to bring Glory to God and share our life with the world. I don’t expect to reach everyone but the ones I reach will be reached for a reason. And that is enough for me!

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